We are not a bunch of startup entrepreneur indicating that we are disrupting the insurance world. FinanceFox co-founder and CEO Julian Thicke told me during a call late last week. The company, which is announcing $28 million in Series A funding today, is one of some European insurance startups who are trying to bring coverage into the modern digital age. Top car insurance companies in California agree it is good idea.

But, unlike others, such as  Thicke says FinanceFox is as much a platform for existing insurance agents as it is an app to bypass them altogether. That’s simply because agents can transition their client base onto the app, and use it to find coverage gaps in and sell additional coverage.

And by fully digitizing their core processes, brokers are then able to provide a way more up-to-date way of communicating with clients, helping to retain them along the way.

We are trying to work along with some industry gurus who have experience, states the FinanceFox CEO, added that his dad is a 30-year veteran of the insurance industry. The start-ups boss in Switzerland is known as Michael John, who is additionally the president of the national brokers association.

This, says Houston insurance brokers such as Steve Griffin, “It brings a level of trust, not least amongst insurance agents with whom FinanceFox partners and who could otherwise view insurance startups as a threat.”

I consider the insurance brokerage industry a broken brokerage industry, he says, arguing that agents who adopt platforms like FinanceFox will indeed survive and those that will be blocked out by tech players. They’re losing clients to digital suppliers they have the large administrative expense, they have a lack of efficiency in their processes, and they have no real way of communicating with clients in a new innovative way.

During the process, FinanceFox will then contact each of your insurance providers to digitize current policies, from which it can then monitor coverage and suggest better, cheaper or more appropriate insurance. FinanceFox eliminates all pain-points, is how Thicke put it to me.

Notably, the service is free for the client, with the startup and its partner agents making money by using a service component paid by insurance companies in return for FinanceFox handling most of the admin and support part of insurance.

Oregon insurance agency owner, Bill Cavinee states, “The business model has been around for almost as long as insurance brokerage has existed, but it’s also one that incentivises insurance startups like FinanceFox to digitize as much of the insurance process as possible as well as drag insurance companies and agents along with it.”